Special Announcements

Fr. Walter Hillebrand Elected Rector of Grace Episcopal Church             
We are pleased to announce that the Wardens and Vestry of Grace Episcopal Church, after discussion and prayerful consideration, have elected The Rev. Dr. Walter V. Hillebrand as our 12th Rector.  His election is wholeheartedly supported by our bishop, Lawrence Provenzano. Since Fr. Walter first came to Grace Episcopal Church and Day School last year, he has demonstrated the qualities that we seek in our spiritual leader.  His commitment, dedication, demeanor, piety, preaching, pastoral care, respect for our Church and Day School and its traditions, coupled with his experience in business and administration, were judged to be outstanding by the Vestry.

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GRACE NEWS Parent Meeting 
Board of Trustees: As you may have read in my Annual Statement, we will have a new Board of Trustees. John Caracappa, our previous Senior Warden, will be the Chair of the  Board.   The first meeting was held on May 29, during which the tasks of the new board will be discussed. The official board members will be posted on our webpage with biographies and descriptions of their board responsibilities...  
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o review Rev. Hillebrand's full report of this meeting. Topics include Parents' 
Association, Classroom Organization, New Reading Series, Technology and more. 


School Calendar

2014 - 2015 K - 4 SUPPLY LIST

2014 - 2015 5 - 8 SUPPLY LIST

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Teaching for Success Not for a Standardized Test 
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Grace's 4th grade class set sail out of Oyster Bay on the
Soundwaters Floating Classroom.

          Recreating Ancient Rome 
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me 
your students...  Read more about our sixth
graders in the latest editon of
South Bay's Neighbor, page 27